Ash Basket Making

Functional and durable baskets can be made from strips of wood from many types of trees. Examples are oak, hickory, Willow; and all will make baskets. The wood strips from the Ash trees are exceptional for there durability and clean consistent appearance.


In this class we will teach the basics of stripping, shaping and weaving baskets from the Green Ash tree. The Green Ash is not the best "Ash" for basket making, which is generally considered to be the Black Ash, (or Water Ash). The Black Ash, does not grow this far South. The Ash trees we have in abundance in the Mid-Atlantic is the Green or White Ash. The process will involve, pounding the logs, so as to release the strips of dense summer growth rings, from the log. We will also be heat treating the strips to gain flexibility, and weaving the finished strips into a functional basket.


This class requires physical exertion during the pounding process, which is necessary in removing the growth rings of wood strips from the logs. Participants should bring a sharp, fixed blade knife, and a pair of leather gloves, to the class.

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August 31 st, 2013
Ash Basket Making

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