Deer Hide Tanning

The use of hides for primitive peoples was vitally important. Before woven fabrics, you had a choice of hides or furs, or go naked. Naked worked in the summertime, but still you need protection for briers and stickers. Hides of deer work especially well for clothing. They are lightweight and very soft when tanned correctly.

dry scrape tanning

This class will focus on the dry scrape method of deer hide tanning. The dry scrape method is faster, cleaner, and in my opinion easier, and produces better results.

You also have the advantage, with the dry scrape method, of competing an hide in one day. If you have the correct weather conditions, you can shoot a deer in the morning, and wear the tanned and smoked hide in the evening. It is possible, but a lot of work.

deer hide tanning

For this class you may bring your own hide, (make sure it is thawed properly) or you can purchase an already fleshed and dried hide, at the class for an additional $20.00.

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July 27th, 2013
Deer Hide Tanning

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