How to build a comfortable and stylish pair of Moccasins from scratch

Bill Seebeck has been studying and constructing Moccasins for years. He has tried many styles and leathers for his creative works, and will be teaching these skills as a guest instructor, who specializes in: Moccasin Making.

Moccasin Making

The moccasin class is a "custom fit" to your foot. The style for this class will be sidelap moccasins. All materials will be provided. You may choose from either brain tan or commercial tanned leather, or a mix of both. Commercial leather bottoms will last longer, simply because the leather is a heavier, thicker cow hide.

Bill will be providing the leather in a variety of weights, and colors, as well as the technical instruction to make the pattern come together in the form of a durable yet comfortable pair of footwear.

Leather Craft

Each participant is welcome to take their project home at the end of the class.

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Sunday April 16th, 2017
Moccasin Making

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