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Primal Call Newsletter, June 2012 -- Bark Stripping, Bake Oven Cooking, and Summer Knap-In
June 09, 2012

June 2012 -- Bark Stripping, Bake Oven Cooking, and Summer Knap-In

Welcome to Primal Call, our Primal-Knowledge website's shout-out about upcoming events!

In the next few weeks, a lot of new interesting activities will be taking place in addition to our regular classes.

* Bake Oven Cooking

* P.K. Summer Knap-In

* Processing Snapping Turtles

Last Month's Open Skills Day: Bark Stripping Review

The tree crashed to the ground and Mark yelled "That's something that you don't see that every day". We had just dropped a second large Poplar tree. The object of the activity was to test prehistoric and modern methods for stripping poplar bark... Continue reading about the experience.

Upcoming Events

This Month's Open Skills Day:
Bake Oven Cooking June 16, 2012

We are holding an open skills day of primitive baking on June 16, 2012!

Open skills days are free and open to the public. During this open skills day, we will be conducting an experimental primitive foods project by constructing a primitive bake oven. The purpose of a bake oven, is to control and contain the heat produced by a fire.

You are welcome to join in the oven project or bring a project of your own to share during open skills day. Most likely we will have some roasted venison and fried vegetables to share at the end of the day. To attend, read more about it.

P.K. Summer Knap-In : July 6-8, 2012

It's not too early to start thinking about attending PK's Summer Knap-In. This year the Summer Knap-In will be from July 6-8, 2012. The focus this year will be on Survival Challenge Games and relaxing around the knapping pit. There are still spaces open for those who would like to share a skill. If you would like to attend, to learn more about this free event, go to

Next Month's Open Skills Day:
Processing Snapping Turtles August 11, 2012

There are many uses for the common snapping turtle besides delicious meals. By learning how to process a snapping turtle, we will be finding ways to take advantage of these other resources.

To See More Events: Please visit the Primal-Knowledge calendar for more upcoming classes and events.

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