Primitive Cooking Class

This class will teach mutable techniques to efficiently prepare wild foods for human consumption, in a primitive environment. The focus will be on preparing foods without the aid of metal pots and pans, while preserving the flavor and nutritional benefits of the foods. Some of the techniques will involve making primitive breads, cooking with a stone bake oven, broiling on a stone slab, and hot rock boiling. Preparing nutritious flavorful meals in a primitive situation, is especially important to maintaining health and well-being. It is also useful technique, to keep up moral in a survival situation. The ability to make a flavorful meal without the burden of cooking utensils, transforms traveling light in the wild, into a pleasurable experience.


During this class we will learn how to prepare fish, steam vegetables, bake bread, and roast meat, all without any modern utensils. This knowledge can make the difference between suffering, due to being forced to eat unpalatable foods, and enjoying a total wild outdoors experience.

Some of the techniques and foods taught in this class:

  • Clay baked fish
  • Vegetable soup in a "hide" bowl
  • Bread on a Stick
  • Roasting Small Game

Primitive Cooking is a relaxing and enjoyable class to take, with the added benefit of sampling a variety of delicacies during the day.

One should bring to the class:

  • A sturdy fixed blade knife
  • A pair of leather gloves
  • A small bowl and spoon
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December 20th & 21st, 2014
Primitive Cooking

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