Weekend: How to Make Fire from Nothing

The Weekend "Fire From Nothing" Course will give the participant an opportunity to explore other fire making skills, like flint and steel, hand drill, collecting tinder, and other important fire making skills. There will also be the chance to practice making fires from the bow drill equipment produced in the first day. Knowing how to make fire is a very important skill because having a fire can make us human. It can make the dreariest cave a cheery place. Although fire is not the most important factor in survival, the physiological value, in a survival situation, is tremendous. Fire can also provide warmth, light, and protection, as well as improve the palatability of most foods.


Fire is in essence, stored sunlight. The fuel for fire is carbon, stored in plant fibers, through years of photosynthesis. In this process the carbon, in carbon-dioxide, is turned into a solid, while a small amount of oxygen is released into the atmosphere. Although the earth is nearly 4 billion years old, fire is relatively new to the planet. Only in the last 300 million years (approximately 1/10th the earth's history), has the earth atmosphere contained the minimum 13% oxygen required to sustain fire.


In this class we will be focusing on creating fire, from nature. This will require us to obtain all the components and materials needed for a bow drill set from the natural world. We have chosen the bow-drill fire making method because, although not the fastest means for fire under ideal conditions, it is the most reliable method to produce fire in difficult situations.

In this class we will learn the proper techniques for starting a fire with the bow-drill, as well as how to select from nature the proper woods, materials and tools, needed to secure a "fire from nothing".

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September 26th and 27th, 2015
Fire from Nothing

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