Weekend: Small Mammal Tanning

The Small mammal class will be a demonstration on a Gray Squirrel, and small Ground Hog (WoodChuck). The squirrel will be handled from, skinning to completion. The Ground Hog will be dried and stretched on a wire frame. If you have a small frozen hide or carcass, you may also bring it, and tan it with the others. (make sure it is completely thawed before the class !!) Depending on its size, it may take 24 or more hours to completely thaw.


In this class we will be using the traditional method of "Brain Tanning" to finished these hides. On most fur skins, it is best to apply the solution to the hide as a paste. In this class we will be doing both, liquid and paste.

Some of the steps and procedures taught in this class:

  • Proper skinning
  • Preparing the hide for braining
  • Appling the tanning solution
  • Braking & Smoking the hide

Brain tanning small mammals is a quick and easy way to preserve small trophies. There is an almost constant supply of "road kill" available for those who would prefer not to waste a good winter hide.

One should bring to the class:

  • A sturdy fixed blade knife
  • A pair of rubber gloves
  • A large plastic trash bag, if prepairing your own hide
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May 16th & 17th, 2015
Weekend: Small Mammal Tanning

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