Wild Plant Wisdom

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Kristen Dorsey of www.divine-journeys.com, will lead a class on wild plant identification, use, harvest and more. As a special treat a meal of wild edibles will be provided for lunch. Please join Kristen for this day of edible & medicinal wild plant identification, harvest and preparation.

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In the morning, we will roam the land at Primal Knowledge's home location in Woodsboro MD, and identify wild plants that can be used as food and/or medicine.

During the walk we will discuss parts used, and harvesting techniques and "satiable use" principles for wild plants.

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At lunch time we will share a wild food feast made by Divine Journey's Wild Food Chef, Tina Gross. (Please bring snacks & beverages as needed) After lunch we will discuss medicinal and food preparation and cooking techniques.

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June 8th, 2014
Wild Plant Wisdom

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