Primitive Arrow Making

Now that we have made an effective Survival Bow, we need to make an arrow capable of delivering a cutting head with lethal force.

Some say that arrow making is harder then making a bow. Not so, if you know what your doing. As the lethal end of the weapon, the arrow needs to be highly efficient to make the bow potent.

handmade arrows

Often getting power or "pounds" out of a primitive bow, without "stacking" can be very difficult.

Stacking is a sudden sharp increase in the draw weight of the bow at some point in the draw (not a smooth draw).

Often a lighter pound bow can be made to draw more smoothly in a primitive situation. A lighter pound bow especially needs to have an arrow that flies with excellent stability and an efficiently cutting arrowhead to maximize the bow's potential.

handmade arrow fletching

In essence, an arrow allowed primal man to extend his tooth and claw, in a way that no other animal could. This simple advantage made man the dominate predator on earth, even though he was neither the strongest nor the fastest animal.

In this class, we will go through the thirteen steps needed to finish a lethal hunting arrow. This will include fletching, straightening, and arming the arrow with an arrowhead. All material will be provided including a selection of finished arrowheads to haft to your finish arrow.

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Saturday October 13th, 2018
Primitive Arrow Making

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