Ate My First Squirrel

by Chris Lutz
(Herndon, VA)

A few weeks ago, I ate my first squirrel. Although I took him with a modern weapon (not a primitive post entirely), I was surprised at the pleasant taste of squirrel meat. I realized it is a plentiful and tasty resource I could make use of if I ever had to resort to primitive methods to trap or kill squirrels in our local area. In this case, I simply cooked him in an oven with butter and onions lining a pan. But, I'm sure the meat would have been extra good roasted over a camp fire. Or if I had a primitive vessel, I could retain more of the nutrients. Additionally, I found out that the skinning process was not difficult at all and I'm sure I could do it with a primitive blade should I need to. I also ate the heart and liver which were pleasant as well. Between squirrel and knowing that I am a decent fisherman, I know that I could catch, kill, and cook several sources of protein which might be hard to obtain otherwise in a primitive situation. Next, I'll have to work on my trapping skills.

Chris Lutz

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