Deer Butchering

The deer is down and the pictures are taken. Now to start the process of deer butchering, which is the most important time for bringing the meat to the table with the best flavor and texture possible. Proper handling of the game after the kill will make all the difference in how pleasurable the finished product is when it finally reaches the table.

We have all heard that wild animals have a "gamey" flavor. After 35 years of handling my own butchering and wild game, I can tell you that the gamey flavor is not the game, it is in the way it was handled.

I have developed a game handling system that will bring meat to the table tasting as good or better then any store-bought product. The system relies on a few simple rules:

  • Cool the meat as soon and as fast as possible.
  • Do not use water when cleaning game.
  • Hang the meat for the appropriate amount of time, at the proper temperature.

deer butchering

In this class we will be butchering a deer after it has been aged appropriately, with the hide on. The class will help the inexperienced hunter understand how to skin, cut, wrap, and process wild game for the freezer and finally the table. We will proportion the meat of a deer into steaks, roasts, ribs and ground burger. In addition, a portion of the deer will utilized as canned venison. The process will lead to almost no waste. This is a good class for anyone that wants to learn the process of handling their own meat, from the field to the table.

One should bring to the class:

  • A sharp butchering knife. Butchering knifes are long, usually thinner, kitchen type knifes. (Hunting knifes do not work well as a butchering knife.)
  • A pair of cotton gloves, with a rubber coating on the palm side.
  • Also, if available a small pot, 2 to 4 quart size. The pot can be plastic or metal. A clean food grade five gallon bucket will also work.
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Sunday December 10 th, 2017
Deer Butchering

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