P.K. Fall Gathering - Agenda

Here is the schedule for the P.K. Fall Gathering 2015. We hope you can join us!

FRIDAY, November 13, 2015

12:00 Noon: Camping Setup: You may set up your camp site any time after 12:00 noon. Camping spots are first come first serve.

4:00 pm: The **NEW** Maple sap evaporator, will be "FIRED UP" for the first time, to see if we can produce some "Fall" Walnut Syrup !!

7:00 pm: Evening Fire

SATURDAY, November 14, 2015

9:00 am: Flint Knapping in the Pit. The Pit "open" All Day - Bill Seebeck has volunteered to "man the pit", and help beginning knappers overcome difficulties with their points. Feel free to bring your toughest rock, and problems.

10:00 am: Guy Neal will be demonstrating: The process of "Retting" Pawpaw tree bark for cordgage; and other uses for the AMAZING Pawpaw tree.

11:00 am: Chuck Acker Will be demonstrating: "Making Deer Jerky & Drying food" Chuck will go over the correct cuts, temperature, and methods for making "Jerky"; an excelent emergency food.

12:00 Noon: Lunch

1:00 pm:Digging and Lining a "Storage Pit" in the Primitive Shelter. Archaeology has shown that most shelters used pits for food storage. Though they often turned into trash pits, they appear to have been originally lined with a layer of charcoal. We will be conducting an experiment to see how a charcoal lined pit preforms compares to an unlined pit. Fall is food storage season, feel free to bring a sample of nut or grain to add to the pit.

2:00 pm: Kathryn Ranhorn, would like volunteers to do a group experiment with knapping Porcelain Nodules.

3:00 pm: Bill Seebeck will be doing a demo on leather working. "Tools, & techniques of the Leather Trade".

4:00 pm: Community Dinner, Served cafeteria style.

5:00 pm: Trading Blanket ......... (Bring stuff, you will want something to trade)

6:00 pm:

7:00 pm: Evening Fire, Stories, Lies and Music are all allowed.

SUNDAY, November 15, 2015

10:00 am: Morning Bow Shoot, Balloons and other targets. This year primitive Bows & Arrows will be provided for those that want to shoot.

11:00 am:

12:00 noon: Last meal, and any leftovers.

1:00 pm: The "Frederick County Bee Club" will be "Cooking Bee Candy". Bee candy is emergency food, for bee colonies, to help feed them through the winter. It is a solid food that is suitable for consumption during winter. All are welcome to stay and join in the process.

Open time

4:00 pm: Check out time.