P.K. Fall Gathering Agenda

Here is the schedule for the Fall Gathering 2014. We hope you can join us!

FRIDAY, November 7, 2014

12:00 noon: Camping Setup
8:00 pm: Evening Fire

SATURDAY, November 8, 2014

10:00 am: Processing acorn meal into a flat bread flour, with the use of hand stone grinding
11:00 am: Setting in some new Cedar poles, and lashing the band rails, with processed Pawpaw bark, for Primitive Shelter maintenance and repair. The goal is to have the wigwam shelter frame, sturdy and ready to apply Poplar bark in the spring.
12:00 noon: Lunch
1:00 pm: Burning the Adobe Oven, bringing it up to cooking temperature.
2:00 pm: Jeff Shevenock will help Processing the available foods, for Adobe Cooking. Feel free to bring something. Breads, meats, or vegetables will all cook, at different stages, during the firing process.
3:00 pm: The Iceman carried a little known, "catch all" Net, of 2 x 2 squares. Guy Neal will lead an experimental re-production replica of the 4'x4' Net, and general net making. Although the initial investment is large, nets are in my opinion, by far the most efficient of hunting tools.
4:00 pm: Community Dinner, Served cafeteria style.
5:00 pm: Travis Wanner, will be demonstrating how to build a Rocket Stove. These stoves are very efficient and easy to use.
6:00 pm: Trading Blanket (Bring stuff, you will want something to trade)
8:00 pm: The Evening Fire : Stories, Lies and Music are all allowed.

SUNDAY, November 9th, 2014

10:00 am: Morning Bow Shoot, Balloons and other targets
11:00 am: Open Skills, Flint Knapping in the pit all day, etc.
12:00 noon: Last meal, and any leftovers.
1:00 pm Cooking "Bee Candy" as winter feed for honey bees.
4:00 pm: Check out time.