P.K. Fall Gathering * November 10th-12th, 2017


The P.K. Fall Gathering is an autumn weekend camping activity near Woodsboro Maryland. Those planning on camping can arrive any time after 12:00 noon on Friday. There are over 10 acres of ground available for camping. Camping areas are around the pond, or if you like more remote camping, there are areas back in the woods that are more secluded.

There is an ample supply of potable water available on site, as well as bathroom facilities, and all the firewood you can burn.

There will be a large tarp set up, in the yard for community camping. The tarp may not be completely rain proof, and you will need to bring your own sleeping bag or bedding.

swim pond

The mornings in November can be quite chilly so be sure to bring extra sweatshirts, bedding, and warm clothes for the early morning hours. Saturday and Sunday morning, we will have some planned activities. See the agenda for more details. One large community meal will be provided Saturday afternoon.

You will want to bring your own personal plate, silverware, and a cup and bowl, as the meal will be served "cafeteria style". All other meals will be the responsibility of the participants: Plan on bringing enough food for your breakfast lunch and snacks. You can, if you wish, forage off the land. There is a pond available for catching fish, and some local plants and fruits and berries, that are in season.


If you are planning on attending during the day on Saturday, I ask that you please plan on arriving before 9:00am, so as not to disrupt any of the ongoing activities.

You can sign-up online!

This is a free event, however small donations of $10.00 or less, will be accepted, to help off set expenses. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Lets have a fun event!