Basic Flint Knapping Class

The cutting edge is what flint knapping is all about. In its purest form, a silica rich rock, broken cleanly, can produce an edge much sharper then steel.

handmade arrowheads

When you attach an well crafted stone point to the end of a stick, it transforms all the kinetic energy from the motion of a thrown spear or shot arrow into a cutting force.

The sharper and more streamline the point, the better the penetration and effectiveness of the spear or arrow.

flint knapping

In this class we will go through the basic steps needed to produce a lethal hunting point. We will first start with percussion knapping, and how and where to start in on a stone blank. Once we had a suitable blank we will go through the steps, and presser flaking strategies necessary to finish with a suitable hunting point.

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October 6th , 2018
Basic Flint Knapping

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