How to Make Cordage From Nature

What is so important about knowing how to make cordage? It's just string, right?

Answer: Nothing, if you have it! If you need some good strong cordage, and you don't have any, it can be life saver to know how to make a fishing line, bow string, or fire bowdrill cord. Cordage is available all around in nature, if you know the raw materials, and production techniques.

natural cordage

In modern times cordage (aka string or rope) is abundant and cheap. In prehistoric times the ability to make strong, reliable cordage often made the difference between just surviving and thriving. Almost everything you do in a primitive situation involves cordage. Bow strings, fishing line, nets, shelters, traps or snares, the fire-bow, clothing, grass mats, etc., all require cordage.

We often take cordage for granted, since it is so abundant, but it becomes very important in a primitive situation.


In this class you will be instructed on how to make strong, reliable cordage, completely from nature. Every prehistoric culture, even the Inuit culture, was able to find sources of strong, durable cordage from its environment. We will study the types of plants, trees, and animal fibers that make the best cordage as well as learn several manufacturing techniques. Even if you know cordage, you should take this class.

Can you make a fine, strong cord, 6 to 10 inches a minute, without leg rolling? This is just one of the skills we teach in this class.

Where there's rope, there's hope!

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November 21, 2015
Basic Cordage

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