Primitive Bow String

The last component of an effective bow and arrow hunting weapon, is the hunting bow string. An effective natural bow string is the most overlooked, and most difficult to produce, component of a truly primitive bow and arrow. This is why you so often see primitive self bows with modern "fast flight" strings.

bow string making

Making a natural fiber bow string can be the hardest part of making a prehistoric bow. There are several options for making a string from nature, plant fiber, gut, hide, and sinew, to name a few.

In this class, we will explore several alternatives for constructing a bow string of sufficient strength to function with a hunting bow of at least 50 lbs.

Because of the difficulty in producing a bow string of this caliber one in one day, it is not likely that everyone in the class will complete a finished string. We will cover the basics of manufacturing for each of the different materials. Our objective is to learn different strategies so that given several days you will have the skills needed to complete the task.

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November 28th , 2015
Primitive Bow String

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