Natural Glues and Adhesives

Natural glue is very useful. So often the difference between a tool working well and a poor performance, is the quality of the adhesive. Although modern man has quite a selection of adhesives, epoxies, and glues, sometimes the primitive product works best.

adhesive resin

We have found that when hafting a stone arrowhead to a shaft, we prefer our Pine pitch adhesive over any stronger epoxy glue. The natural pitch adhesive, when properly constructed, can quickly be warmed just enough to adjust or replace a stone head that may have broken. You can't do that with epoxy.

In this class we will learn how to develop and use several types of prehistoric adhesives and glues. These will include:

  • pine pitch
  • birch bark tar
  • hide glue
  • sinew

adhesive glue

These natural glues were often used well into the 20th century with excellent results. A good adhesive makes all the difference in the performance of a hafted stone point, whether an arrowhead, spear or knife.

This class will teach you where to find, and how to process useful glues and adhesives from nature.

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Sunday March 26th , 2017
Natural Glues & Adhesives

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