Poplar Wood Baskets

Learning how to make poplar wood baskets from bark is not only an artistic skill. Most of us drive around in cars and trucks, often with trunks full of stuff, but how do you transport and store your prehistoric treasure?

poplar bark quiver

In a primitive culture, the only way you could accumulate wealth, food, materials, tools, etc. was to find some way to "contain" it.

You can only carry a couple of handfuls of grain or berries at a time without the use of a container.

It was very important if you were going to be efficient in your harvesting, that you find a way to construct strong, durable containers in which to carry and store your excess bounty of food or crops.

Poplar baskets fit this need very well. They are light, strong, and fairly easy to construct.

Fortunately during a couple of seasons a year, poplar bark can be taken directly from trees with little difficulty.

poplar bark basket

The bark can be constructed into baskets of a variety of styles and shapes.

During this class we will be stripping, designing, and constructing several sizes and styles of poplar bark baskets. Properly reinforced and cared for, poplar baskets can last through decades of practical use.

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May 14th, 2016
Poplar Wood Baskets

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