Primitive Baking

We held an open skills day of primitive baking on June 16, 2012!

Primal Knowledge demonstrated bake oven cooking. We invited you to come try it, too, and learn more about primitive cooking and primitive foods.

Experimental Primitive Foods Project

During this open skills day, we constructed a prehistoric stone bake oven and grill. The purpose of constructing a bake oven is to control and contain the heat produced by a fire. The oven allows you to slowly cook food at a consistent temperature. This is much better then charred on the outside, raw on the inside, achieved by just throwing the meat in the coals (although that can still be good, depending on how hungry you are).

primitive bake oven

Usually the oven is constructed into the side of a small hill, so that the ground around the oven can contain the heat of the fire more efficiently then if the oven were constructed exposed to the open air.

The concept is to build a fire deep in the oven, which will super heat the stone and soil around the oven. After the oven is super heated, you then rake the coals to the front of the oven, and maintain just enough heat to bake the food in the the oven. Most ovens also had, above the front of the main chamber, a stone slab. After the slab becomes greasy, it makes a fine frying pan for both meats and vegetables.

Participants joined in the oven project or brought a project of their own to share during open skills day. We had some roasted venison and fried vegetables to share at the end of the day!

Open Skills Days are free and open to the public.

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