Primitive Pottery Class

This primitive pottery class will teach the ancient pottery skills and techniques of digging and making pottery from native clay sources.


About 1500 years ago in North America, people changed from a hunter/gather society to a more agricultural based civilization. This change in food gathering ushered in the start of the "woodland" period of more permanent living arrangements for Native Americans. This less mobile style of living opened up the opportunity for the use of pottery as cooking and food storage vessels.

Pottery as a rule does not travel well due to the fact that it is heavy and easily broken. Pottery does make a superior cooking vessel if you are planning on staying or returning to the same area for an extended periods of time. The culture of pottery developed with a conversion to agriculture as a new main food sources.

During this class we will go over the strategy and methods of obtaining good sources of clay. We will learn where the best clay develops and how to determine the quality of clay sources. During the morning we will be digging some local clay to process into pottery. We will also cover the use of "temper" and how to manufacture a good temper for clay pots. After tempering our clay, we will manufacture some clay vessels and go over the use of cord wrapped wood pattels and coil wrapped pottery.

Although we will be producing and drying clay vessels, we will not in this one day class, have the opportunity to fire these pots. You may bring your dry pottery to the next Fall Gathering where we will be building a firing fire on Saturday night, for those who would like to primitively fire their projects.

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October 26th, 2013
Primitive Pottery

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