Promotional Contest Page

From time to time, Primal-Knowledge will sponsor a promotional contest or giveaway of survival tools or something else related to primitive skills. Keep an eye on this page so you can enter!

handmade stone knife

Our first primitive promotional contest is for a handmade stone knife. The knife has a blade made of a fine grade of Burlington Chert stone, knapped by a local flint knapper.

Most Burlington is creamy white in color, this particular stone has a very fine grain with just the hint of purple in the color.

The handle is sculpted out of the base of an aged deer antler. The hafting glue is derived from a composition of Spruce pitch and other additives. The binding material, at the base of the blade, is cut and stretched raw hide, from back of a local a groundhog.

This knife is the real deal, and would be similar to what would have been carried by prehistoric, early Americans. Similar knives have sold at action for over $200.00.

handheld stone knife stone knife size stone knife blade

As stated in the terms and conditions, this contest is void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary, but you must be a U.S. resident 18 or over and able to pick-up the knife in person at an event or otherwise agreed upon time if you win.