P.K. Summer Knap-In Agenda

Here is the schedule for the Summer Knap-in 2013. We hope you can join us!

FRIDAY, July 12, 2013

12:00 noon: Camping Setup
8:00 pm: Evening Fire

SATURDAY, July 13, 2013

10:00 am: Flint Knapping in the Pit. All Day.
11:00 am: Kit will demonstrate the process and progress on his survival bow. The bow was made from a green Hickory tree cut just last year.
12:00 noon: Lunch
1:00 pm: Primitive Traps and Snares. Guy will demonstrate one of his most versatile primitive traps - The spring-loaded Deadfall trap.
2:00 pm:
3:00 pm: Jeff Moore will be demostrating & Taste Testing a primitive Brewed Beer. Jeff will have the "brew" going all day for those that would like to see the process.
4:00 pm: Community Dinner, Served cafeteria style.
5:00 pm:
6:00 pm: Trading Blanket (Bring stuff, you will want something to trade)
8:00 pm: Evening Fire, Stories, Lies and Music are all allowed.

SUNDAY, July 14, 2013

10:00 am: Morning Bow Shoot, Balloons and other targets
11:00 am:
12:00 noon: Last meal, and any leftovers.
Open time
4:00 pm: Check out time.