Building a Winter Survival Shelter

A winter survival shelter is all about insulation. One of the best winter shelters I have made was on a float trip, where we camped on an island. The trip was made the week between Christmas and New Years. We brought no shelter, (such as a tarp, or tent) but we slept comfortably even though the night time temperature went well below freezing. We were able to carve out a hollow behind a large log jam, and fill the cavity with the hollow stems of dried "bindweed".

winter shelter

Bindweed is a viney weed which covers the gravel bars during the summer. During the summer, the weed has a prickly stinging nature that it loses completely once killed by frost. We spent half a day collecting the straw like weed till we had a 30" deep layer of bedding to sleep on. This was not typical shelter material, but it had excellent insulating qualities.

winter survival shelter

In this class we will construct a winter shelter of either snow or traditional debris hut, depending on the conditions. We will consider the trade off between size, and heating efficiently, and other factors in constructing the shelter.

In winter, the most important skill and experience to master is maintaining body heat, and getting a good restful sleep. Night is the time that most people die of hypothermia. Consequently, knowing and practising the basics of winter sheltering is a very important survival skill that can save your life.

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February 1 st, 2014
Winter Survival Shelter

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